10 Things You Should Never Say to a Foster Parent…

So, following up my Things to Never Say to Someone TTC post a year or so ago... here's my updated version for foster parents!   I could NEVER foster like that. I'd get to attached.  Please realize how this comes across the men and women that get attached every single day to these amazing kids. … Continue reading 10 Things You Should Never Say to a Foster Parent…


This Is Where It Gets Difficult

Every semester there is a cycle. The beginning is seemingly easy. Then you find your stride. The suddenly everything is due at once and you are overwhelmed, convinced you'll never make it out alive, and then suddenly you're at finals. Once finals are over you feel relief but hungover. It's as though you are stepping … Continue reading This Is Where It Gets Difficult


I feel like 2018 was a tremendous year of growth for me. I challenged myself in ways that I never expected. Becoming a mom, opening myself up to strangers, allowing people to openly come into my home for the sole purpose of judging me. I was in awe of the initial support we received with … Continue reading Reflection