The Chase for Planner Peace

How ridiculous is it that for two months I have chased down the perfect planner??? I completely agree. I've scoured Michaels, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's, Target, even Walmart.  I've searched online and in random stores. I've searched ETSY.  I've looked at Erin Condren, Happy Planners, Kate Spades. I've looked low end and high end and middle … Continue reading The Chase for Planner Peace


A Mom of Three

Well..... I sure didn't expect that to happen. But here it is! 💕💕💕


I'm sure I'll have moments where I fail and sneak back for a moment but I have chosen to delete my Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, messenger and WhatsApp apps through the end of the year. I haven't deactivated accounts, or deleted them. I've just removed the apps. We shall see how this goes!